Ides of March walk 2013

What is Occupy Walk?

Feb. 18, 2012Civic Center Plaza
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone (760) 960-2944
Press Release Contact: Susan Sayler
Phone: (760) 960-2944


7 A.M. PST, February 18, 2012

Occupy Walk USA takes the first steps of a Three Thousand Mile Journey!

SAN DIEGO, CA, FEBRUARY 18, 2012: At 7am this morning, the Occupy Walk USA group take the first steps of their journey. Starting off at the Civic Center Plaza, downtown San Diego, the group intends to walk 3000 + miles to New York City in effort to raise awareness of the movement’s mission and to reach out to everyday American citizens in solidarity.

Six members of Occupy Los Angeles have joined three members of Occupy San Diego to begin the journey together. They will be met by various other occupy groups along the route. Day two will end around Encinitas, California where the group will stay at the home of a fellow occupier. Day four will end in Temecula, California where the Occupy Temecula will host a luncheon for the group.

The walk will be live-streamed most of the way and there is car support that will monitor the group’s situation and progress — which will be updated daily on the Occupy Walk USA website.

Another team is still needed to post flyers and organize townhall meetings in advance of the “walkupiers” to create an opportunity for community participation in the event.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a leaderless revolution seeking to regenerate democracy in the United States of America by exercising our civil rights and asserting our demand that elected representatives responsibly represent their constituents rather than the special interests of wealthy corporations and the elite one percent.

Presenting the positive side of the Occupy Movement is one important quest of Occupy Walk USA. We hope to dispel common myths created by mainstream media about who occupiers are and allow the nation to see that we are representing the interests of all American citizens. We are champions of the 99%.

For more information call Susan Sayler, Occupy Walk USA co-organizer, 760 960-2944 (cell) and please visit our website www.occupywalkusa.org

Tweet  hashtag #occupywalkusa


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  1. Hi Walkers,

    Where are you today? Where will you be tomorrow? I wanted to make sure this is the correct website.

    Good meeting all of you and we will meet again.


    Comment by Sandy Cima | March 1, 2012 | Reply

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