Ides of March walk 2013

Ides of March Walk


Veteran Occupy Walker William Terzin has taken action and is walking the original route of last year’s Occupy Walk USA once again.  His determination underlines the famous Occupy saying, Ideas Never Die!  This new phase of Occupy Walk is titled the Ides of March Walk.

Terzin started from Oceanside on March 15th and is on his way to Joshua Tree.  There on March 31st we will gather at the spot the original walkers camped before heading across the Mojave desert.  Join the event page and show your support.  We have two weeks to get our camping gear together and celebrate the resistance!

Currently the OWUSA logistics team is rekindling the social network and infrastructure built upon last year’s efforts.  For updates follow @occupywalkusa on Twitter and check back here for details.

Thanks Big Tuna for your determination and your autonomous action.  Walk the walk!

Donations are being accepted on our Occupy Walk USA wepay account, or at

Ides of March Walk



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Walking to Fort Hernandez

After a few days rest, Jason decided to make his way back to Fort Hernandez from San Diego. He will start by walking north from Pacific Beach. “Walking there is a good way to start.” says Brock, “I can’t wait any longer. They need our support.” Help him raise awareness and funds along the way. Please donate if you can. Updates from the journey will be tweeted from @occupywalkusa.

FortHernandez Facebook Page.

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Hearing for DJ’s Re-Release Tuesday Oct 8, 2012


Hearing For Danny Johnson Tuesday at 10 am at Skokie Courthouse, 5600 Old Orchard Rd. in room 207 w/ Judge Haberkorn. Solidarity requested thru supporter presence as hearing decides if Danny is re-released to house arrest or kept in Cook County Jail. Please dress nicely & no political messaging.

Background Article:


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Occupy Walkers Join Guitarmy for 99 Mile March

After NATGAT, DJ, Adam, Mikey and Jason were re-united again in support of the 99 Mile March.  OWS Music Group organized the action through a tactical arm called Guitarmy.  Between 60-70 occupiers from all over the country took part in the march from Philadelphia to Manhattan.  Details and history from the action can be found at 99milemarch.org

This march brought together walkers from various other marches including Walkupy.  It brought together farmers, musicians, students, poets and teachers.  The experiences shared changed lives.  The meme of Occupy  was taken to a deeper level of action.  Songs were sung.  Chants were written.  Now, all roads are Guitarmy roads!

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OWUSA at NATGAT. Occupy Philadelphia Prepares for national action.

DJ and Jason have arrived in Philadelphia early to help Occupy prepare for the first ever national gathering of the Occupy movement. NATGAT begins officially on June 30 and goes until July 4th, with planned discussions, direct actions and encampments happening throughout the week. Adam and Mikey are making their way from Chicago, planning to meet up with other walkers and marching to Occupy Wall St. with the 99 mile march after the event comes to a close. This is a big step forward for the movement, and plans are being made to integrate actions and create more sustainable mobile occupations across the country.

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Stickers For The Walk

Thanks to Emily Richards and Jim Yuran for getting us a new box of OWUSA stickers. Jim runs the Artlab, a happening arist space in North Park. His printing biz, right next door, printed these up on short notice and at cost. Emily, who runs Artistech Media, another local business, covered the costs personally and shipped to us in Albuquerque. If you are traveling across the country, you might see one here or there. Especially on route 66. If you’d like a few contact us and we’ll mail you a few.

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