Ides of March walk 2013


We dedicate this page to all of the Occupy Angels that have assisted the Occupy Walk USA Team in reaching their goals of outreach and walking all the way to New York City. Without these people and organizations and companies the campaign would not be possible.

Nanette diGiovanni — Team Mom Angel

Nan Di Giovanni is the Occupy Walk USA “team mom”. She worries about whether the guys (and one lady) are  fed, housed and otherwise taken care of. Otherwise know as Vice President of the Universe!

Gratitude and Respect to this Occupy Family of Angels

Very Back Row is Jason Brock (walker) holding up the NYC Sign.

Middle Row is Donnie holding her son Taj, next to her husband Paul. Next is walkers;, Adam Peck, William Terzin and Danny Johnson.

In front holding Occupy Walk sign is Paul’s and Donnie’s daughter Nubia.

This Ocupy Angel Family lives in Fort Defiance. They generously reserved a room for the walkers at a hotel in Gallup, New Mexico for tonight. It is these special everyday Americans that gives us faith in a better tomorrow. Blessings to this family!

Stanley Perry Navajo sweat lodge medicine man


Stanley Perry taught the walkers the Native American Tradition of the Sweat Lodge

This too, was a great honor for the walkers!

We present to you this digital ring

which symbolizes that although we appear to be separate, we are all really one 

 Thank you for being for us a channel of wisdom and truth

Violet is our Dine Angel

This is our angel Violet from the Navajo Tribe.

Thank you Violet, we love you!

Violet’s mother graciously allowed us to camp in their yard last night. She spoke only in her native Navajo tongue.

They cooked the flatbread over a fire out I made the pasta. Mmmmmm love and only love

Grantor Angel MRG

MRG (Movement Resource Group) awarded Occupy Walk USA a grant of $250.00

  • http://pogopark.fatcow.com/omg/ (The web site is geared to appeal to donors)WHO THEY ARE
    MRG is a friend of the Occupy movement but is NOT the Occupy movement. They are a National Occupy fund source that believes Occupy is ready to transit from being a series of spontaneous actions to a more strategic national movement. MRG views itself as a liaison between Occupy and bigger donors who may find themselves unable to connect with the horizontal nature of Occupy. MRG is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 thus donations will be tax deductible.

Graphics Angel Alphagraphics

Thanks alphagraphics for donating flyers

Peggy Roche is our Flagstaff Occupy Angel

Day 61 leaving Flagstaff heading to Albuquerque

Occupy Walk USA feels deeply blessed by the generosity and wonderful company

of our Flagstaff Occupy Angel, Peggy Roche!

…sad to say goodbye!

We love you Peggy!


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