Ides of March walk 2013

OWUSA at NATGAT. Occupy Philadelphia Prepares for national action.

DJ and Jason have arrived in Philadelphia early to help Occupy prepare for the first ever national gathering of the Occupy movement. NATGAT begins officially on June 30 and goes until July 4th, with planned discussions, direct actions and encampments happening throughout the week. Adam and Mikey are making their way from Chicago, planning to meet up with other walkers and marching to Occupy Wall St. with the 99 mile march after the event comes to a close. This is a big step forward for the movement, and plans are being made to integrate actions and create more sustainable mobile occupations across the country.


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Stickers For The Walk

Thanks to Emily Richards and Jim Yuran for getting us a new box of OWUSA stickers. Jim runs the Artlab, a happening arist space in North Park. His printing biz, right next door, printed these up on short notice and at cost. Emily, who runs Artistech Media, another local business, covered the costs personally and shipped to us in Albuquerque. If you are traveling across the country, you might see one here or there. Especially on route 66. If you’d like a few contact us and we’ll mail you a few.

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