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May Day General Strike May 1, 2012 #STOPWHATYOUAREDOING

May Day General Strike May 1, 2012 #STOPWHATYOUAREDOING

May Day General Strike May 1, 2012 #STOPWHATYOUAREDOING

May Day General Strike May 1, 2012 #STOPWHATYOUAREDOING

May Day General Strike May 1, 2012 #STOPWHATYOUAREDOING


May Day General Strike May 1, 2012 #STOPWHATYOUAREDOING

Not everyone who supports the Occupy Movement is going to be able to skip work or school for the General Strike on Tuesday.  Some might not be able to avoid shopping.  Others are going to need to use an ATM or wash the dishes.  Life isn’t stopping on May Day, but the key to a successful action is avoiding an all-or-nothing attitude.  Anything you can not do on May Day counts, so don’t let working get in the way of your strike.

Here’s some ideas on how worker bees can make the most of the day…

1. GO AFTER WORK – The simplest solution to not being able to get out of work for the General Strike is to join the action as soon as you can after work, or before if you work nights.  Same goes for school.  Check the schedule in your town and in most cases you’ll find that events are going on all day long.  No need to explain your absence during the day for you are better later than never.

2. SPREAD THE WORD – Know someone with the day off?  Make sure they know what’s going on.  Post it on Facebook.  Text it, tweet it, reddit it, digg it, pin it, whatever.  Scream it out the window.  Work the word ‘occupy’ into any conversation you can and then speaking of ask, “Did you hear about the General Strike today?

3. INVITE YOUR CO-WORKERS – If you detect any interest as you spread the word, let them know you are dropping by after work and invite them along.  Not everyone knows what going to a march or rally is like and might be interested but anxious.  More will make it merrier.

4. OCCUPY YOUR CUBE – Print out a few posters from Occuprint, crank up a live stream and your striking day can begin at 9am.  Looks like you’ve got eight hours to brainstorm the perfect sign and a captive audience to test them out on.  Hello, supply closet!

5. OCCUPY THE WATER COOLER – Everyone loves a good office joke and it’s the perfect cover for turning your office into the next encampment.  Start with a funny little sign for your water cooler or coffee machine.  If it’s well received, spend the day seeing how far you can go with it.  You know, for fun.

6. INTER-OFFICE MARCH – Go big with signs, chants and a consensus-established parade route or orchestrate a coincidental moment in time where everyone just happened to want coffee at once.

7. LUNCH HOUR OCCUPATION – If you work close to the action, get yourself and your crew out into it for a long lunch.  If you don’t, eat outside the nearest bank.  Bring lunch from home for bonus points.

8. THE IT’S OCCUPIED – For all those whose workplaces won’t tolerate monkey business nor talk of strikes, you’ve still got options.  The bathroom is humanity’s most tried-and-true refuge.  You could go old school and write something on the wall or just hang out for a while with the paper.  Oh yeah, it’s occupied.

9. OCCUPY THE COPIER – To add a little mystery to the day, take your favorite poster from Occuprint and leave it in the copy machine for someone else to find.  Also good for printers though be mindful if everyone on the network will know it was you.

10. THE PRE-OCCUPY – If you really had your heart set on striking and can’t let it go, try distracting yourself and your colleagues with links to the most draining websites you’ve ever found.  Nothing torpedoes a work day like addictive games such as Desktop Tower Defense or cool Tumblrs likeAwesomePeopleHangingOutTogether.

11. DONATE – Since you’re spending the day earning, consider giving a bit to your local Occupy or any Occupy you hear about having trouble with the police. Legal funds are being raised to help folks who get arrested and you’ll sleep like a champ at night knowing you helped someone get out of a holding cell quicker.

Got other ideas?  Please share your own in the comments.
Got something going in your office?  Please share that too.

Still got questions about May Day?  Check out Every Thing You Need To Know About May Day * But Were Afraid To Ask.



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  1. I know that because of general media dis-attention, this social and civic event has not reached the average American’s notice, but this is the one protest that could matter. The news may specifically reflect what happens in LA with the FOUR WINDS Project which will, utilizing manned caravans enter the LA City proper and then, when sufficiently having congested traffic, proceed on foot to Occupy LA and shut down business by congestion. This is to become a General Assembly of all peoples to voice their grievances and to create a dialogue among those that are willing to make the changes that need to be made in this world for the 99% of us that struggle and the ones who have no power to speak at all.

    Comment by Thom Comstock | April 30, 2012 | Reply

    • Of course, that is according to the limited data that I have acquired.

      Comment by Thom Comstock | April 30, 2012 | Reply

    From dirty blankets with illegibly scribbled foolishness and the downright homeless and variously-disabled manning the bastions of Occupy Eureka, CA to a real Organized Occupy Protest in as long as it takes to tell it.
    Suddenly in came the vans with the people and the banners and signs and ideas and food and love; real concern and real responsibility from those of us average Americans that “Just say NO!” to what the grand American experiment has now become.
    Yes, we are the more radical or activist of the melting pot, but if you filter the message from the gibberish that you are generally fed via the TV, you might begin to see that if we don’t change now, we will continue to lose our grasp on the concepts of real freedom. We no longer dabble in democracy, but look to profits from interest, market shares and trading debt as a commodity on Wall Street. Are any of our concerns as a society being served? Are we not wage slaves?
    Physical Slaves must be housed and clothed and fed by the slave owner,
    but the wage slave is required to shelter and cloth and feed themselves.
    I don’t have much data as yet to make any concisely structured and well-thought-out statement but,

    “This shit’s got to go.” ~Jacques Fresco (structural engineer and the defining force behind the concept of a Resource-Based Economy in the 1970s)

    just about covers it.

    Comment by Thom Comstock | May 1, 2012 | Reply

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