Ides of March walk 2013

Note about Partisanship

Occupy Walk USA was organized as an outreach activity. Unlike the local occupations which are primarily focused on Corporate Banking, foreclosures, and the  “corporate ownership of government” the occupy walk USA team is looking to LINK with other groups and individuals as they march across the nation.

We want to support all organizations or not-organizations such as the Zeitgeist Movement, The Green Party, Michael Moore, and  Move-on.org, We are in favor of organizations that put the person first and material interests second. We seek to protect children, the poor, the handicapped, and the elderly. We want to directly influence government and the general public in favor of civil rights and the protection of our constitutional liberties.

Occupy Walk USA is non-partisan.

Occupy Walk USA does not endorse any candidate but will enthusiastically and pro-actively reach out to visonary leaders such as Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, and those that clearly act as strong advocates for the 99% — instead of catering to an elite 1% as most politicians in Congress today are doing.

Occupy Walk USA is in favor of the 99% Spring Training offered by Move-on.org. However, Move-on.org is highly biased towards the Democratic Party and re-electing Obama. Many occupiers feel that the system is either broken or poisoned beyond repair and they want to look for solutions outside of the existing political system. The existing system is a no-win for most middle-class people in the nation.

So we caution people to go with their guard up and not get led down a potential “merry path”.

That said, we reach out to all groups and organizations across the United States that share our goals as well as to tribal leaders, local supervisors, environmental groups, and local community groups that work to strengthen our civil liberties.

Please contact us if you think we should do a joint venture along our route.


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  1. I agree completely. A healthy focus and specific goals can be beneficial, however when we limit our experiences by segregating ourselves with divisions, things are rarely accomplished. As Socrates so eloquently stated, “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.” When we dismiss another person or their views as unworthy or diminish it as less important, we isolate ourselves from each other. Occupy Walk is a very wonderfully unique venue that allows us to meet people of all walks of life, and to teach and learn from them, in order to bring us all a little closer together. By discriminating based on partisanship, region, gender, etc… we become no better than the 1% who have kicked us to the curb for their personal agenda. We need to embrace each other not for our parties, nations, borders, genders, race…. but because we are all part of the human race, and a part of nature and the universe. We need to find a little humility, and stop believing that we are better than anything or anyone else. It is time to come together as one.

    Comment by Michael Stedman | April 19, 2012 | Reply

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