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Lets open the door to the future

Lets open the door to the future

by Susan Sayler

3D Printers and Free Form Design 548

Lets open the door to the future

The biggest government cover-up today is the huge mountain of money wasted.

We are paying for all these “agencies” like the DEA and the CIA and FEMA and the USDA and the DHS.

Paying billions and trillions for these federal bureaucracies that accomplish next to nothing — without exaggeration.

All that money could pay for projects like the ones featured above.

I want to spend all United States income tax on the future of our children — not in protecting the wealth of the greedy 1%.

Please join me in this campaign.  Let’s bypass the 1% entirely.

Let’s pass an amendment that states that until the national debt is paid, all tax dollars must be directly spent on repaying that debt.

This means a suspension of every government office and the suspension of all foriegn aid and the closure of all foreign military bases

until the debt is paid — this should only take about a year or two — no shit.


Right after that, we should use tax money to help the younger generations pay off their student loans and get a real education about the future.

The Ivory Tower has stifled the growth of knoweledge by forcing students to learn information

that is already outdated by the time they graduate.

And students are now hocking around one third of their projected total income for the next 20 years

just to finish paying for that inadequate education.

Time is speeding up and we have to shed the skin of our past or we will lose the momentum to go to the next level of human civilization.

It is uncomfortable to live in poverty but if we commit to it for just a little while, we can start the future off on the right food.

Perma culture, preventative health, elimination of processed and GMO food, oxygen

Let’s invent totally Free energy asap.

This endless political nonsense we hear year after year — same crap different faces —

is robbing human culture of the incredible possibilities that lie in the future.


So please join me in the effort to open the door to this future.

Please commit to this and organize your own gig.

The 1% ‘ers

and their league of media whores  

         can play their greedy games all by themselves now.

The rest of us are moving on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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