Ides of March walk 2013

Day 55 the Group made it to Flagstaff, Arizona ahead of schedule

Day 55 the Group made it to Flagstaff, Arizona ahead of schedule April 12, 2012


Occupy walk has made it to the outskirts of flagstaff. We have been meet up by Hans Lyons and will go to meet up with Peggy when the guys walk all the way into town. Freezing here. Cold cold wind. We will keep you informed of what is happening here. More to come throughout the night. There will be live steaming
 Wendy Heinlein and they are all smiling!!!! YAY!
Guy Brown Keep Ted Warm!
Suzan Workman Awesome! That was FAST!!!
Suzan Workman Beautiful!
Dennis Mitchell Such a lovely day. Listen for your requests and WALK ON!
Guy Brown Life is GOOD
Peggy Roche Sun’s out here again too! Real windy tho 🙂
Nan Di Giovanni After a day of sun, rain, hail and snow, the walkers are on their way into Flagstaff Arizona!
Nan Di Giovanni lol Guy, Bill saying has rubbed off on you!
Guy Brown Life is Pancakes! (Peace)
Mike Smith This is so great. This is brilliant and a real commitment. You guys can do this! I can’t wait until you get to Albuquerque.
Guy Brown Spread the word Mike, they are coming and will need support from people like you!
Sitting in flagstaff and warming up

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