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New article about Occupy Walk USA in the Kingman Daily Miner

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Kingman Photo: Joining Forces

4/9/2012 6:00:00 AM

By JC Amberlyn

Occupy Kingman was joined recently at Locomotive Park by Occupy Walk USA, a group of people walking from San Diego, Calif., to New York City seeking to raise awareness for social and economic justice. They stayed in Kingman for several days, before heading up Route 66 towards Seligman and Flagstaff. Each day they walk about 15-20 miles, carrying signs, and they plan to arrive in Union Square in New York in November.

According to Bill Terzin, one of the walkers (on right in the photo), the walk is meant to “unite everyone and let them know that it is OK to speak out. Every community has its own issues and (it) needs to come together to solve these issues. That’s what Occupy is about.”

He also said, “We want to reach small towns. The only news is what they see on TV. They’ve never met anyone with the Occupy movement. We keep walking, (and try to) unite everyone.”

Terzin stated that he has felt disillusioned with society, but the level of support and encouragement he has encountered while on this walk has been amazing. “People are good,” he said.

The walk is a part of the nationwide “Occupy Wall Street” movement. According to the group’s website, http://www.occupywalkusa.org, “The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a leaderless revolution seeking to regenerate democracy in the United States of America by exercising our civil rights, and asserting our demand that elected representatives responsibly represent their constituents rather than the special interests of wealthy corporations and the elite one percent. Presenting the positive side of the Occupy Movement is one important quest of Occupy Walk USA. We hope to dispel common myths created by mainstream media about who occupiers are and allow the nation to see that we are representing the interests of all American citizens. We are champions of the 99 percent.”

The Occupy Kingman group meets at Locomotive Park every Saturday from 1-3 p.m.


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