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Here is my fantasy tent trailer to take on the road.


Here is my fantasy tent trailer to take on the road. 

Please, please, please can I have this!!!!


The Opera

by Christina Nellemann on April 9th, 2012.

If a Moroccan tent and a trailer had a baby, and that baby went to charm school, it might look just like the Opera. The Opera is manufactured by the Netherlands-based Your Suite in Nature (YSIN) and was designed after the Sydney Opera House. The trailer travels around as a nondescript pop-up, but then transforms like a swan into an elegant and luxurious camping space.

The Opera has been designed for people who don’t want to tow around larger, heaviercampers or fifth wheels,  but still want comfortable amenities while still enjoying the outdoors. The Opera offers what most camping tents don’t: two electrically adjustable beds that can be transformed into one, a private ceramic toilet and two sinks, a 36 liter (9.5 gallon) top-loading refrigerator, a 30 liter (about 8 gallon) water tank and water pump, LED lighting and even a teak veranda. The Opera also has a boiler that supplies warm water to the outdoor kitchen and the exterior shower, hot air heating, two cupboards, and a wine storage cabinet as well as baggage and clothing storage.

The unique and compact outdoor kitchen is multifunctional and stylish. It has two modular elements that can be configured into a piezoelectric 2-pit stove, piezoelectric gas barbeque, charcoal barbeque (stainless steel only) and beech wood cutting board. It folds up to fit into a kitchen cupboard. The tent portion of the trailer consists of an inner layer made of cotton and an outer layer made of polyester weave canvas. It folds out with the use of three hydraulic motors.

The Opera is about 1,350 kg (2,973 lbs.) and is available in three color schemes. It’s being sold in Europe and Australia for approximately €27,680 ($36,152) and the company is looking for more international sellers.

Photos courtesy of Opera/YSIN


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]


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