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Daily Tribute article published about Occupy Walk USA.

Daily Tribute article published about Occupy Walk USA.



Planting the Seeds of Occupy

By Chuck Parker

Like modern day Johnny Appleseeds, seven members of Occupy San Diego and Occupy L.A. have launched OCCUPYWALKUSA to walk across America talking up their message of social and economic justice. They are walking all the way from San Diego, California to Zucotti Park in New York City spreading the word and organizing local protests and Occupy groups. The idea first sprouted in discussions at Occupy San Diego in November, and they held their first meeting on January 11. They made contact with members of Occupy L.A., and the walkers set out on February 18.

Their plan is to arrive in New York by December, but they are going to stop along the way for discussions and consciousness raising events, so they are not tied to any fixed schedule of so many miles per day. When they reached the edge of the California desert on March 6, they were greeted by supporters from the local Occupy groups. There were social gatherings, and the walkers spent an entire day passing out leaflets and introducing Occupy Walk to the people of Yucca Valley, many of whom had never heard of Occupy Wall Street before.

When I talked with them at the home of a member of Occupy Coachella Valley who put them up for two nights, there were eight walkers: Jason, Eugene and William from Occupy San Diego, and Mike, D.J., Adam, Richie, and Britton from Occupy L.A.. Even though they had just been buffeted by high winds in the Banning Pass, their spirits were high as witnessed by their official anthem, “I Whistle Because I Can’t Sing.” It was composed by Adam and played by Jason on his trumpet. They wanted to express their thanks to everyone who has offered their generous support so far. They are encouraging others to join them as they go along. Everyone can follow their progress live online at: USTREAM.TV/USER/OCCUPYWALKUSA, or on Twitter @ OCCUPYWALK, or on Facebook : OCCUPYWALKUSA, or email OCCUPYWALK@gmail.com.

One of the walkers, William, explained his commitment this way, “Occupy is about getting your voice back. Before joining Occupy I didn’t have a voice. When we were camped out in our tents we found ways to get along and to communicate with each other because we had to. Now that our encampment has been broken up by the police, we have to find other ways to keep the group alive. Some people have told us that we have a great idea, but it can’t be done. Why does it have to be that way? The way I see it, if we keep going we will get our voice back. Once we have our voice back then we can decide what we want to do with this country.”

page imageFrom left to right, Adam, D.J. and Mike. Some of the walkers
on Day 32 of the Occupy Walk from California to New York.
Photo/Homer Klinefelter


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