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Occupy Philadelphia: Guidelines for Respect


Respect, in Occupy Philadelphia, includes the following:

a. WE WILL NOT: Be silenced. Be resigned. Have a negative attitude. Allow ourselves to be treated in ways that diminish us, regardless of who does it.
b. WE WILL: Speak our minds. Be assertive. Be constructive. Identify issues that need to be addressed, look for solutions, and work with others to create those solutions. Push ourselves to take on greater challenges and responsibilities as we become more confident.

a. WE WILL NOT: Attack, abuse, harass, or intentionally harm one another, whether physically, emotionally, verbally, sexually, or otherwise. Nor will we threaten to do so, for any reason.
b. WE WILL: Treat one another with the love, support, inclusiveness, and openness, with which we would like to be treated. We will weigh our words before we use them. We will listen to one another and respect differences of opinion.
c. WE WILL NOT: Spread rumors. We will not say hurtful things about people behind their backs. We will not make claims about wrongdoing without evidence or proof.
d. WE WILL: Assume good intentions in others and understand that everyone has different reasons for participating in this movement. We will be transparent with others about our affiliations, intentions, and motives.
e. WE WILL NOT: Speak or act in racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, ableist, ageist, or otherwise oppressive ways.
f. WE WILL: Honor our diverse backgrounds, identities, and abilities. We recognize that hatred and oppression have historically been used to divide us and to maintain power over us. In order to unite, we  acknowledge that these divisions exist both internally and in society, and we will actively strive towards equality and diversity in every aspect of our movement.

a. WE WILL NOT: Make assumptions about what we can say or do to people without asking what they are comfortable with. We will not speak for others. We will not share people’s personal information, including contact information, to others or the public, without that person’s permission.
b. WE WILL: Practice consent. Ask for permission before doing anything that might make someone uncomfortable, for example, “Do you want a hug right now?” or “Is it OK if I take your picture?” We will also tell people what we need, and to the extent that we are able, tell people what words or actions make us uncomfortable.
c. WE WILL NOT: Look down on people if they express discomfort, need space or time, or cannot handle certain situations that arise during Occupy events, meetings, or gatherings. We will not judge one another.
d. WE WILL: Be aware and sensitive to verbal and non-verbal cues that someone’s boundaries are being crossed or that they are being triggered. Give a “trigger warning” – a disclaimer or warning about content — before discussing potentially traumatic experiences, such as violence or sexual assault.

a. WE WILL NOT: Damage or deface the spaces that host us or that we occupy. We will not steal property or funds from our hosts, one another, or the movement.
b. WE WILL: Create a positive and safe atmosphere. Honor the requests of our hosts. Clean up after every event or meeting. Keep all spaces litter free. We are ALL Sanitation!

a. WE WILL: Respect people’s right to engage in autonomous actions and initiatives outside of the General Assembly (GA) as long as these efforts do not misrepresent decisions by the GA, when none exist.
b. WE WILL NOT: Disrupt, undermine or subvert the decision-making process of the GA. We will not make the GA space hostile or unnecessarily competitive. We will not use the GA to focus attention on ourselves as individuals, to the detriment of the group.
c. WE WILL: Actively participate in the GA. Bring questions, concerns, and proposals that move the group forward to better understanding and decisions. Be patient with one another.
d. WE WILL NOT: Act against the decisions of the GA. We will not engage in meetings or discussions representing Occupy Philly, with City or police officials, without the expressed approval of the GA. We will not claim to represent the whole of Occupy Philly to the media. We will not misrepresent the use of funds when collecting money on behalf of OP, or obtaining money from OP.
e. WE WILL: Recognize as legitimate the decisions made through the direct democratic process of the GA, even when we disagree with those decisions. Understand that the GA process is itself a work-in-progress that we can improve.


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