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Freedom Reign’s Activist Guide for Defense


Freedom Reign’s Activist Guide for Defense

This is a list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ – gleaned from decades of association with news media insiders & activists.  Infiltrators and agent provocateurs have always tried to derail activists’ efforts.  Your success greatly depends on your ability to defend yourself from their intimidation tactics – real or imaginary.  They will fabricate almost any lie to impede or destroy your efforts.  Our so-called governments and their agencies use many dirty tricks to 1) privately intimidate activists, in order to 2) suppress public awareness of criminal activities.  They intimidate privately – ignore or suppress information publicly.

Internet searches on ‘Police Brutality’ or ‘Unlawful Searches Seizures’ for example, will indicate why I have included many of these items.  Our most corrupt jurisdictions – where people are most likely to become active – use the worst dirty tricks.  This list is primarily defensive – and not in any specific order.  Understand that our so-called governments and their agencies are – in fact – private for-profit corporations under ultimate control by the Federal Reserve, that was specifically designed to destroy our lawful government – our economy – our way of life.  They’re designed to take and/or take control of everything they can get away with.  Exposing criminal behavior by private corporations is neither seditious nor treasonous.  It is patriotic.  Check local laws before you embark.

Honey works better than vinegar to trap varmints, but no matter what, protect yourself!  They’re more likely to lie to you and thus trip themselves up if you act stupid, and never react when you hear a lie.  Most new activists are amazed at the level of ignorance on the part of public employees – faked or real – and their ability to lie as easily as they breathe.  At a certain point, it can be wise to let them know that they had better not come after you – but in so doing, you blow your cover of being just another stupid citizen they can lie to.  That’s the point where the gloves come off and you’ll find you’re playing hardball.  I am not a lawyer.  What you choose to do is at your own risk.  Happy Hunting!

1) Choose a single purpose for your group – and every action should be towards that goal.  This keeps the organization on track – focused on the goal.

2) Truth is your best weapon and video is your best tool.

3) Learn as much as you can about that one issue.  Repetition is the key to education.

4) Prefer to work in person, not over phone, and always take people with you.  Good people in government will cooperate, and there are many good people in government.  The rot is usually at the top of most organizations.  Government offices are oftentimes ‘bugged’ to spy on the workers – and you.

5) Always record everything you can.

6) There’s safety in numbers.  Avoid actions by yourself.

7) Always record – unless you’re prohibited.  Lesser alternate: Pre-arrange with someone you know to call them on a cell phone – so they can listen to a conversation you have with someone else in person.  Dial the cell phone – don’t lift it to your ear – make sure the phone can ‘hear’ both sides of the conversation.  If they don’t speak loudly enough, it’s OK to act like you’re hard of hearing.

8) The problem is not so much what you record – but who listens to it – if it’s a private recording behind closed doors, so check local laws.

9) It’s legal to record any phone conversation with governments – in some states.

10) When they talk to you, they oftentimes use two recorders – one is stealth.  Sometimes they turn the visible one off, and ask you to talk off the record while the other keeps running.

11) You can use two recorders: one visible, the other stealth.  They may take the visible one – and you will have a recording of it so you can bust them if they keep it.

12) They have recording cameras everywhere, so NEVER threaten.

13) If you really want to, you can use veiled threats such as: ‘We can figure out where you live’ or a question like ‘Did you know that I can sue you personally, as an accessory to grand larceny?’ or ‘Did you know that Mexicans will work real cheap?’ and smile at them.  I strongly suggest you be very cautious when you do this.  I’ve only used it when they threatened me.  A question can rarely be twisted into an actionable threat.

14) You can record audio or video anywhere in public – constitutional right.

15) As long as you don’t block the sidewalk or road, you can assemble in public – your right.

16) Turn your recorders on before you go in the front door – and don’t hold them up to your eye.

17) If you get damning evidence – stash it with many.  Let ‘them’ know that many have it.

19) Ask them if they’d like you to treat them as they treat you.

20) Go on a rampage with truth – every way you know how at the same time: websites – ads – business cards – fliers – newspapers – billboards – yard signs – make up a ‘Wanted’ signs – listing their crimes.

21) Put up a simple website w/facts – push it on talk radio – everywhere.

22) ALWAYS verify a story before you put it on a website.  Libel is real.

23) Write up recall petitions – put them on the website and circulate hard copies.

24) Victims are your best allies.  You can get a list of the abused from court records.

25) If they won’t give you a copy of it, read it out loud with an audio recorder in your pocket.

26) Learn to think like a prosecutor.  Gather evidence – not just stories.  If they attack you, you have something to counterattack.  Knowing you have evidence can keep them from attacking you.  Learn how to play the game.

27) Name names – and make sure you ID them properly.  Video works.

28) File discrimination suits.

29) File Denial of Constitutional Rights under color of law suits.

30) Sue them in federal court for grand larceny and/or kidnapping and/or whatever – the more suits, the merrier.

31) Never threaten violence even in jest – at any time.

32) They can listen to almost everything – nothing on the ‘net is totally private.

33) No four-letter words.

34) They ask if you’re threatening, ask them if they’re threatened by truth and shut up until they answer.  Threatening a government employee is a crime in most jurisdictions.  Never admit to it.

35) You do NOT have to answer their questions.  It’s your fifth amendment right.

36) If they will not release you, you are under arrest, and they have to read you your rights.  They call it detention.

37) If they say ‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse’ – tell them – tell them – to recite the Constitution – and tell them that upholding it is their employment contract.  Just shut up and stare at them until they say something.  Ask them if their oath of office is on file and where.

39) Hand them a ‘Public Servant’s Questionnaire’ up front, and don’t say anything until they fill it out to your satisfaction.  The state and local so called corporate ‘governments’ are subsidiaries of the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – so legally speaking, I think they’re all federal employees, but I’ve heard two sides of this argument.

40) Don’t depend on them to give you their real names.

41) Demand photo ID.  I’ve heard too many stories of bogus IDs.

42) Consider politely calling them Gestapo Jones or Gestapo Smith if they’re behaving unconstitutionally.

43) Hand out fliers to people going into city hall or court.

44) Buy a megaphone.  Even if it doesn’t have batteries, it worries them.  And they can’t arrest you for disturbing the peace.

45) Constantly call them a corporation.  EG: City of Podunk CORPORATION.  FDA CORPORATION.  CPS CORPORATION.  School board CORPORATION.

46) Don’t feel guilty for pointing out their guilt.

47) Don’t say some wimpy thing like ‘You’re violating my constitutional rights.’  Say very loudly: ‘You’re violating the highest law of the land – the Constitution – so that makes you an outlaw!  Do you want me to sue you in federal court – personally?’

48) Filing a suit will cost them money.  File many.

49) Deal with infiltrators.  They’re usually very friendly – they like to volunteer to do things – so they can wreck them.  They also like to gather personal information.

50) You don’t need a permit to gather together.  It’s your constitutional right.  If you sign one, it usually traps you into all their rules, regulations, statutes, mandates, codes, ordinances, policies, and rulings – fines, fees, and forfeitures.  Need I go on?

51) If you go to the streets, tell everyone that if anyone gets violent, you will take them down and hand them over to the police.  And let the police know this.  This keeps people from going to the hospital.

52) Get your core group to bring some long, strong nylon wire ties.  They make great handcuffs and ankle cuffs.  Make sure you get their ID.  They’re most likely agent provocateurs.

53) If some thug goes for your camera, pass it into the crowd.

54) If police come to your door, you don’t have to let them in, and they cannot come in w/o probable cause.  Close the door behind you so they can’t claim that they smelled marijuana.  If they hand you a search warrant, it must be signed by a judge, indicate the location to be searched, and what they’re looking for.  It’s your right to call the court to verify its veracity.  I’ve heard too many bogus search warrant stories.

55) Whenever they tell you that you have to do something, tell them to show you the law.  Memorize two phrases and use them often: ‘Show me the law’ and ‘Can you prove that in a court of law?’

56) Never sign ANYTHING unless you know – exactly – what kind of contract you’re signing – and everything you sign with these corporations is some kind of contract.

57) And, last but not least: Never open your door to a stranger!

There are many issues that even our mainline truthers will not deal with, and I cannot fault them for this.  I have gotten a ‘shut up or else’ telephone call that could only come from the dark side of our surveillance society/shadow government.  Examples of issues: Our mainline patriot broadcasters will not deal with the PRIVATE FOR-PROFIT CORPORATE NATURE OF OUR SO-CALLED GOVERNMENTS, the International Property Maintenance Code that’s been around since 2000, the recording capabilities of the private US Postal Service, or trial lawyers’ associations.  National truthers cannot be expected to carry the torch for your local corrupt administrative, judicial, or legislative corporations that masquerade as government operations.  These have been left up to us to deal with on the local level.  If you want good local government, you have to assume responsibility for it.  I have listened to state representatives speak on the floor of our House or Senate – then read what their county newspapers had to say that they said.  There wasn’t a semblance of truth on the part of most of the newspapers.

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