Ides of March walk 2013

Day 50 Seligman Rocks! April 7, 2012

The group all together in Seligman AZ. Howdy everyone we miss you and love you all

Sweet ride unless you are the dogs. One of the nice locals we meet in Seligman AZ

Another local who loved occupy and was excited about keeping up with us online.

DJ relaxing on the jon

Please get us out of this jail lol


Now DJ did it



Jason already captured!

Jason loving the Chair he is sitting in

Back at their favorite game that came in the support vehicle. They can not get enough Bill and Jason even played a game during their lunch break yesterday

Awwww Alex! Ur awesome! Thanks for letting me braid ur hair! 😀 lemme kno when u need a touch up.....

Adam in his tent living life

Talk about solidarity walking though Seligman today we were welcomed by many I will post few more of the people we meet This group of people came off a tour bus and meet us plus we have 2 guests tonight from Ventura, 2 vegans riding bikes to the grand canyon and then Canada. We love all the love we get on the road.


Our friends on bikes Kelly and Mi.


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