Ides of March walk 2013

Day 49 on Route 66 Heading into a hard climb

Day 49 on Route 66 Heading into a hard climb

We are at mile marker 123 route 66 elevation 5600 feet 18 miles east of peach springs Arizona.

Next town up is scligman Arizona 18 miles away

Donna is coming in to see us tonight at some point she is about 3 hours away

She should arrive around 10:30pm

Jason getting ready to climb into his tent and stay warm in his wiggly worm cocoon.

Todd Occupy Downing Fortunately Arizona’s scorpions are nocturnal and need nightly temperatures above 76 degrees to be active. – Still best to knock your shoes out before putting them on if you leave them outside your tent.

DJ getting ready to call it a night after an 18 mike walk.

Yes Bill "life is good"

Occupy walker are spending the night and Bill and Adam try to decide who is sleeping on the inside of the tent

Dj getting his hair done by Shia, she was our Angel at our last stop. She went out of her way to make sure we had a safe sleeping space, showers and food. She is a wonderful cook.

This is the CUltural Center wthat Occupy Walk USA stayed at last night (outside) it was a bit chilly this morning, around 48 degrees. Group should be walking up onto the Grand Canyon Cavern, this cavern is 220 feet deep, the largest dry canyon, was used during the Cuban missle Crisis to house 2000 people as a bomb shelter. There is also a 6 room hotel inside the cavern. I do not know if we will get a chance to go into the cavern because of cost but it would be fun. http://www.occupywalkusa.org




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