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Occupy Walk USA Team now leaving Kingman and heading to Flagstaff

Occupy Walk USA Team now leaving Kingman and heading to Flagstaff on


A major stop for travelers on Route 66 and I-40. The old downtown area of Route 66 has not changed much over the years. A brief tour of Andy Devine Avenue and Beale Street will give you a glimpse into the past, including the Old Court House, historic Bonelli House and historic Beale Hotel.

Historic Route 66 -Arizona


Valle Vista


Townbuilt around a golf course at the time US-40 was being contructed, nothing historic here.Townwas built in 1972 around a golf course. This is the newest community on Route 66.


Is located across from Truxton Wash. A portion of the Old Trails Highway goes through the settlement. Built in 1917, Hackberry Elementary School, painted red and white, can be seen at the eastern edge of town. The Hackberry General Store is now home of the new Visitor Center.

Hackberry general store.


was established in 1898. In May of 1900, 660 acres of land were set aside and a Indian school was built. The school opened in 1917 and was closed in 1937. It was re-opened sometime later and was used until 1969. Beyond the railroad tracks are the remains of “The Red Schoolhouse.”

IndianSchoolon the right. Built in 1917, used till 1937, reopend later till 1969.

The red shoolhouse was used by non indian students, built in 1924.

Bert’s Country Dancing.

Straight across at the intersection with CR-141 (Hackberry Road).

The pre 1930’s alignment is on the other side of the railroad tracks.


What’s left of Crozier is now private property.


Began in October 1951, when Donald Dilts opened the Truxton Cafe and service station. The Truxton Valley is encircled by colorful and scenic terrain. Truxton’s business community is centered along Route 66. HOME OF: include a motel, service station, tavern, and cafe.

Gas Station on the right.

Frontier Cafe on the left.


Elevation 4,800 feet is the home of the Hualapai Indians. It was at one time a western terminal of the Santa Fe Railroad, with a roundhouse, shops, a Harvey Restaurant and a stagecoach line. Near the intersection of Route 66 and Diamond Creek Road is the River Trip office. Diamond Creek Road leads to the Colorado River at the west rim of the Grand Canyon. This is the only known existing road leading to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Sidetrip:vDiamond Creek Rd.runs to thecoloradoto see theGrand Canyon. This is the only road to the bottom of the Canyon.

BIA-19 (the pre 1930’s alignment returns here from the left.

Towards Truxton, the pre 1950’s alignment is to the left (inaccessible).


A left onNelson Rd.(BIA-19) will put you throughNelsonand then along the railroad tracks to Peach Springs. This is the pre 1930’s alignment.

2 milesafterNelson Roadis another alignment leaving us on the left: the 1930’s till 1940’s one. It’s not accessible.

Watch for theGrand Canyonitself on the right, about1 milebefore entering Peach Springs.


Offers an enchanting tour of this natural wonder that began to form over 300 million years ago and was discovered in 1927. You’ll ride 21 stories down by elevator to a tour on lighted and paved pathways. Restaurant, gift shop and motel accommodations are available. Tours are given seven days a week.

Grand Canyon Caverns Village

Grand Canyon Caverns: 21 story elevator descent, always 56 degrees F., formed million of yeas ago, discovers in 1927. It is to the southeast of the village for about1.5 miles.

Hype Park

Deer Lodge


The per 1930’s alignment is to the left, but undriveable.


Continue on AZ-66 as it curves right around Chino Point.

note the Pre 1940’s alignment to the right following the telephone poles (undriveable).


First known as Prescott Junction, Elevation, 5,250 feet is the beginning of the original 165-mile stretch of Historic Route 66 to Topock and is rich in scenic and historic value. It is also the “Birthplace of Historic Route 66.” One of the few remaining A.T. & S.F. railroad stations and Harvey House structures still stand in Seligman.

on AZ-66, and continue onChino St.as BL-40 joins from exit 123 .

In Seligman the older Route 66 alignment isRailroad Ave.(1 block closer to the railroad on the left), but the attactions are on the newer alignment.

Snow Cap drive, a place full of humor like 2 door knobs on the same side of the door, a sign “sorry we’re open” and the like.JuanDelgadilloruns the Snow Cap.

Angel Delgadillo has his barber shop here. Angelis not just world renowed for promoting Route 66, he’s also the founder of the Arizona Route 66 Association. Angelis retired as a barber, but his shop is now part of the Visitor Center wun byAnge land Vilma Delgadillo.

Historic Harvey house.


Established 1883, Flagstone capitol of the World. The original town burned down in 1893 and the present town was then begun on the other side of the tracks at its present location.


(I-40 exit 168) is the Gateway to the Grand Canyon headquarters for the Grand Canyon Railroad. It has many motels, restaurants and antique shops. Williams was the last Route 66 town to be by-passed by I-40. (October 13, 1984)


The highest point on Route 66, was established in 1876.


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