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DAY 42 in Kingman, Arizona March 30, 2012

  • DAY 42 in Kingman, Arizona March 30, 2012

    “Four team members of the OccupyWalkUSA are doing outreach in Kingman Arizona. 

    Jason and Mike are taking a few personal days and will return to the group on Sunday April 1, 2012. 

    There is an occupier gathering scheduled for

     Saturday March 31st in Kingman.  

    Check out the Occupy Kingman facebook page for upcoming information.

    The rest of the Occupy Team had pizza tonight from Stromboli’s located at 1968 E Andy Devine Ave., Kingman, AZ 86401

    Stromboli’s has a two pie-two toppings each special for 17.95 of course they deliver!

  • William Terzin, team walker for Occupy walk USA posted that;

    “can’t wait to meet occupy kingman tomorrow. come early if you can…

    a movement is based on discussion which leads to action. lets discuss action.”

    Tomorrow a reporter for the Kingman Newspaper, The Daily Miner, is scheduled to attend the local Kingman Occupation meet-up tomorrow to interview the walkers and do an article on occupy Kingman!

  • News and Information in Mohave County including Kingman, Golden Valley, Chloride, Dolan Springs, Arizona, AZ

  • According to a member of Occupy Kingman, Denise Bensusan;

    “I understand that Ed is bringing a pretty big group Saturday. Lets all make a great showing. Its working!”

  • We would like to meet up with any Kingman Occupiers that want to talk about the issues

     and stand up for social and economic justice.


    Donna Wickerd posted that she has been wanting to protest the banks for awhile
    and may join the walkers for a few hours.

    Occupy Walk USA wants to say thanks to Mikel Weisser   for his hospitality on Thursday evening. 

    A very entertaining host! Good luck with your campaign!


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