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Occupy Walkers featured in The Desert Trail

LOL, they call Bill Terzin “Thomas Paine”!



Cross-country trekkers pass through Basin

Rebecca Unger



Occupy Walk came through Twentynine Palms via Twentynine Palms Highway on Monday, March 12. From front to back are D.J. from Occupy L.A., Mike “Peace Walker” Oren from Occupy L.A., Jason Brock from Occupy San Diego, Thomas Paine from Oceanside and Kevin Patten from Occupy L.A.

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TWENTYNINE PALMS — A small but hardy band of Occupy Walk activists came through Twentynine Palms on Monday, March 12, on their way from San Diego to New York City.

“I’m walking to get the money out of politics,” D.J. from Occupy L.A. said.

“I’m walking to protest the military industrial complex,” fellow Occupy L.A. veteran Kevin Patten stated.

“I’m walking so people will find their voice,” said Thomas Paine from Oceanside.

“I’m walking to keep the conversation alive for the people who feel isolated by their economic problems,” Jason Brock of Occupy San Diego declared.

“My lifetime goal is to bring about world peace, one step at a time,”Mike “Peace Walker” Oren from Occupy L.A. added.

“I felt there was such a fatalist attitude among people today, people who would say that we can’t do this,” Paine noted. “But throughout our walk, everyone has been very supportive and shown us a lot of love.”

The men walk about 12 to 15 miles a day and have a support vehicle following them. They camped in Joshua Tree National Park on Sunday night, and were deciding  whether to  head out of town Tuesday through Amboy on Route 66, or take Twentynine Palms Highway to Parker, Ariz.

“When do the snakes come out?” they all wanted to know, since they do a lot of camping.

But not snakes, nor heat, nor desolate miles of open desert will deter the Occupy Walkers from their chosen mission.

“One of the simplest things people can do is to walk,” Brock observed. “People don’t have to walk all the way to New York City with us, but we do invite everyone to walk with us for as far as they can.”

For those who can’t get away to walk, the Occupy guys can be followed online at occupywalkusa.org, on Facebook at Occupy Walk USA, on Twitter @occupywalk, and live at Ustream.tv/user/occupywalkusa.

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  1. Cool! Press coverage is great! 😉 Snakes, haha! ~~~Sharon

    Comment by Sharon | March 21, 2012 | Reply

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