Ides of March walk 2013

Shout out to Suzan and Dennis, an almost miraculous stroke of good fortune!

Road Angels, Suzan and Dennis with occupy walk USA team members

Suzan and Dennis were driving back from Vegas and decided to go check on the Occupy Walk USA team. Suzan found out their location by texting Susan Sayler, who said that the Occupy Walk USA team was not within range of cellular service so their exact location wasn’t known. But Susan Sayler was able to tell them they were near Essex on Route 66. With this information, they went looking for the walkers. Unfortunately, it had started to rain pretty hard and the walkers had taken shelter under a bridge. It was almost miraculous, because of where they had taken shelter, that Dennis spotted them as they drove down route 66 looking for them “near Essex”.

The timing could not have worked out better. They all went to the only diner in town, dried off and ate a warm meal. Wow, we just love people like Suzan and Dennis. They are what this world is made out of. This is why we walk — to meet souls like Suzan and Dennis!

This magical occupy leprechaun “walker” is for you, Suzan and Dennis.

He brings the lad and lassie the luck o’the Irish!


March 17, 2012 - Posted by | Thank you to road angels, Walking Blog

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