Ides of March walk 2013

Second GA meeting Feb 19, 2012

General Assembly Meeting

Feb 19th 2012 around 8pm

This is our second GA. We’ve walked to La Jolla,California and the meeting is at the UCSD Geisel Library.

Walkers in attendance: Britten, Amy, Dj, Mike, Rich, Adam, Jason

Walker not in attendance: Eugene

Additional attendee: Susan Sayler group co-organizer and support person.

Moderator: DJ

Topics General Discussion: 

The first topic of discussion was regarding the fact that Eugene took a bus home to revise our maps and create a better route which will allow the walkers to follow a path of maximum exposure to the public.

The group decided unanimously not to wait for Eugene but to continue walking and let him catch up to the group when he is finished with the new maps.

Second topic was plans for Day three to try to reachTracy’s home in Encinitas by the end to tomorrow.Tracyis planning to house the group overnight and provide dinner. If walkers do not reach Tracy’s house by the end of day three, Susan will pick them up to go to Tracy’s home and then return them to where they ended the day three walk.

Third topic was the need for flyers. Today the group noticed that when they stopped at a shopping center (Trader Joes and Starbucks in the UTC La Jolla area) they were approached by interested passersby and would have liked to have flyers to hand out to the public. It was also mentioned that flyers will help us raise revenue for our mission.Susanvolunteered to make up a flyer while we wait on a final design for the walk which Britten has been working on.

Fourth topic was the need for a live stream account with Sprint or Verizon. The 400 cost to Brittenis still not met by donations. We are all tweeting and posting on website about this need. Meanwhile we are creating short videos and photographs and posting them on our website to keep everyone informed.

Fifth topic was Susan was asked if there was anything she needed from the group to help her do her support role. She mentioned that she is uncomfortable with some of the walkers not having a cell phone or anyway to be contacted when they split off from the group. We are looking for solutions for this issue and will bring it up at a later GA meeting again.

Sixth topic was whether Susan should take Britten to Walmart to pick up an extra tent.Mikewas able to lend a tent to Britten so this need was postponed. Aimee also needs a sleeping bag and everyone needs rain ponchos.

Seventh Topic was the group explained to Susan why they don’t want to be driven part of the way. The core group of walkers all decided that they want to walk every step of the journey and have no intention of “rotating out” for sections of the trip.Susancongratulated the group for this but felt that perhaps it would be good to be flexible in case circumstances require it.

The meeting ended with the group agreeing to sleep at Blacks Beach because it is quasi-legal to sleep there (many people do it) and they would likely not be disturbed.



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