Ides of March walk 2013

General Assembly Meeting on Feb 18th 2012 around 2pm

This is our first GA.  We’ve walked 5 miles and stopped for lunch and decided to have our first meeting

Walkers in attendance: Britten, Aimee, Dj, Mike, Rich, Adam, Jason, and Eugene

Moderator: Adam

Topics General Discussion:

Overall aim: raising awareness of the Occupy mission

Methods: Recording video of the walk and networking using social media

Sticking to the planned route vs being flexible

Britten suggested we put raising awareness at the top of Occupywalk’s priority list—that we need to garner support and funds for our media needs.

DJ and Mike spoke to the idea of needing to focus on the walk and the logistics of the walk.  Mike said he has survived on the road with just flyers — no internet no media.

Eugene and Rich spoke to needing a balance between route logistics and media needs. Eugene talked about handling friction.  It happens and he will not let it get in the way of the walk.

Adam suggested we recognize our inherent skills and weaknesses.  We should welcome and accommodate wheelchair walkers if necessary.

Adam suggested that we update the Occupy Walk USA website on a daily basis.

The more experienced walkers/hikers offered to help adjust packs to lessen the load.

Eugene proposed to stick to the route as planned. Adam wants walkers to stick closer together while we are walking.

Medical needs: Jason has allergies, no other needs at this time.

List of needs:

  1. Official Occupy Walk USA cell phone with Data plan live-streaming (we have a phone we just need service for it)
  2. Petty cash for food and daily supplies,
  3. Shoes for Amy
  4. Micro SD cards w/adapters for phones and GoPro Camera
  5. General first aid
  6. Knee braces

Occupy Walk GA: Meeting ended with the plan to walk until dark, crash at Jason’s place, review the route as a group.  Bag drag so we can streamline our gear.  Scheduled a radio interview via phone with Susan.  Our Next GA: Tonight after we camp.  We plan to have a short GA during the day-and a more detailed meeting at night.


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